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We currently offer a unique pillow called The Chiari Pillow™ and here's what people that have tried them, use them and "love, love, love" them, have to say about:                                                The Chiari Pillow™:

From: Sonja Waters

Subject: RE: Chiari Pillows 

I got my pillows! They are amazing. Truly. Thank you so much. Please use my comments….and I meant the help issue. It is a really important mission. I will send out a yippee testimonial to the group as well. Everyone needs one of these. My daughter is bedridden from a lumbar puncture from hell. This pillow hasn’t left her head. It goes to the doc visits, the physical therapy, even went into the latest MRI! Truly awesome. And yes, it is hard to explain…they must try it. Thanks for all you are doing.

From: Sue Giblin


 Hi Ann   Just wanted 2 let u know that the chiari pillow is working a treat. I'm sleeping a lot better now although I still wake a few times in the night but nothing as much as I was or for as long........The pillow made me feel as though my head was resting on air,.....as though you're totally weightless. Also because I'm sleeping a lot better I'm finding I can do slightly more than I was able to before. It was definitely worth the wait. My only regret is that I didn't order 2 when I first placed the order as I'm considering ordering another 1 & I might have saved some money but hey ho hindsight is a wonderful thing.                         I really love love love the pillow!!!!!!!!!

From:  Glenda Lynch www.brainworks.net

Subject: Chiari Pillows? Are they still Available?

I have the Chiari pillow and it is the most wonderful pillow I have EVER had.  I am so picky about my pillows that I have always traveled with my pillow, even if I have to take clothes out of my suitcase and leave them at home, my pillow ALWAYS goes with me.  When I ordered the Chiari pillow, I was very skeptical that any pillow could ever replace my down pillow, but the Chiari pillow that Chip and Ann sell is the BEST pillow for the neck that I have ever had. You can order this pillow on their website at medpillow.com and if you don't like it, they allow you to return it within 60 days.  I think that kind of guarantee is unbelievable. That's my opinion on the Chiari pillow.  Hope it helps.

I just wanted to feedback you & tell you that after using it, I have grown to absolutely LOVE it.. some nights I don't even wake up to move.
Thanks yo so much

Hi Ann,I got both of the pillows and I've slept on it for the past 2 nights and it has worked so good. It's very comfortable, I put more filling in it, I need it to be really firm. I have slept very good. I like this pillow alot better, I think this would be a great help for other zipperheads with fusion. It give the support for my neck that no other pillow has, I'm a very happy Chiarian. haha The other pillow I have used watching tv and it has helped as well. Thank you so much!  Marissa Irwin (featured in Mystery Diagnosis)

Ann,I promised you my review of the Chiari pillow once I received it, and I don't go back on promises! I've been using it for about 4 weeks now, and I love it. I was very leary when I first got it because it is way more "mushy" than any pillow I've ever been able to use. BUT, it is amazing to me how it is soft and squishy and also supportive. My only complaint lately has been that I am sore in the mornings because I have slept so hard that I don't move during the night! I even took it with me earlier this week when I had to go to the ER for a blood patch following a not-so-great spinal tap. I heard other people in the waiting room murmuring that they wished they had thought of bringing their pillow! Please use my feedback any way you see fit. It was money well spent!Thanks for all you do,Mary Alice Cafiero

 Ann thank you so much.i discovered last night that this pillow is of more use to me now.  I have not been able to sleep on my right side for at least 5 weeks now due to the nerve pain in my back from my surgery last year on March 27, 2007.  Last night I took the pillow and laid on it, on my right side, and it was heaven.  oh my gosh I was thrilled.  I was able to sleep on my right side.  It felt like a miracle had happened to me.  Ann you have no idea how good I felt about that.  I usually don't sleep with a pillow under me but I will now until I get the pain under control with the meds.  You have helped me so much with having that miracle pillow.  So now that I am using the pillow under me I need one for my head. Lynda

My son got his pillow and first night using it was wonderful!!!! He still
has pain, but felt so much better. Thanks for the extra stuffing... 
Thank you Ann,you shipped really fast... Your such a sweetie...God Bless you
all for doing these pillows for us and or our children... Great Job well
done!!!! Chip Cody said to say hi!!!!

I love my pillow.  I actually had 4 different types of pillows next to my bed and often woke up in the middle of night having to switch pillows. I slept all night long with the chiari pillow.  I love love love it.
Thanks agian

I’m (finally) writing to let you know that my Zipperhead arrived and I’m very pleased with it.  I’ve had it for two weeks and it’s already proven its value.  In addition to using it in bed, it’s been great for traveling in the car and lounging in the recliner.  The latter was something I’d given up on because I just couldn’t get “situated” properly in the recliner, and my neck/head started killing me after about 15-20 minutes.  Now I’m able to make it for an hour or so.
 I’m still experimenting to find the correct firmness depending on the setting and how good or bad a day I’m having, but the bottom line is that the pillow is fantastic!  Robert

We just got a pillow for my daughter, it arrived last week. It is an
interesting pillow to say the least, but her headaches have improved
and her rest has improved. I am glad we got one for her! JT

Well my 2yo daughter would recommend the Chiari pillow. she has 'borrowed'
mine (I am the one decompressed) and I had to order a second one to have one
for myself.
I believe you can go to the WACMA web page or MedPillow and check them out.
I feel the pillow is responsible for my getting better rest than I have had
in 4 years, when my 2yo permits :-)
Angie & Susie

I recieved another pillow in the mail two days ago and all I can say is OMG. What a difference, I have slept so well the last two nights it is awsome.  Tamara

I have had my Number 8 since they first came out - it is STILL wonderful. It goes everywhere I go where laying down / sleeping is involved. When I get out of bed, my little puggle dog takes it over. So it has been well-used and still a wonderful comfort!!
God Bless!

this is from an old guy that has no ties whatsoevr withe Chiar pillow. I thought the pillow was a little expensive but ordered one anyway, deciding this is more of a medical issue and in that case it is not high at all. I was skepptical at first, but I;ve been using it now for a couple months and you would have to fight me to take that pillow away, and we have pillows all over the house. The difference is it comes back to its fluffy state easily somehow.I recommend it.     Bryan

My wife told me that the pillow helped a lot.  She is able to fluff it up in a manner that supports her head just right for making sleeping with the BiPAP machine comfortable.

I Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee mine!

I received it this week and when I first saw it I thought "How on earth can that help me?" but it is heaven.

Everyone should buy one. My hubby is considering buying one and he doesn't even have Chiari

Debz in UK

I, too, was a little skeptical when I opened the box 3 days ago. My
first reaction was, "you've got to be kidding". Then I tried it...just
laying on the couch watching TV was wonderful. I couldn't wait to go
to bed that night, which is something I usually dread because of the
pain. I have to say I am completely sold on this pillow. My husband
woke me up when he left for work and said that I had been sleeping in
one position all night long. I haven't done that in years. THANK YOU,
plan to go ANYWHERE without it now.

Sleeping better every night,

ACM/SM/tethered cord
decompressed in 2002

I received the pillow when I returned from surgery on Wednesday! I am in heaven.... Something so simple sure can make a world of difference.

Thank you.  Gosh, that filling is soft! It reminds me of a feather pillow. Kim

I can't vouch for how it will help anyone else, but I think it is wonderful and I have been sleeping much better since getting it.

I received my pillow a couple of nights ago. It is the best money I
have spent in a long time. It was amazing how well I slept. I have
tried many pillows and was always disappointed. Not this time!! I love
my pillow. Thanks!!!

I took it to New York with me and used it in the hospital. It was invaluable. I am not one given to exaggeration but I do dearly love this pillow and cannot help but feel that it has made a difference in my recovery. Lexie

Okay I recieved my pillow 2 days ago.. I opened the box and said what
the **** , I didn't think this would work. I do love my pillow my neck
hasn't hurt at all during these 2 nights and I don't toss and turn. I do recommend this pillow. I will bring it to my meetings to show the other chiarians
so they can see it for themselves.

I love my pillow. It took about a week or so to get it. Mine is very soft and I can bunch it up and actually do what I want and depending on what position I sleep in. I am usually a side sleeper and I have one arm under the pillow and I adjust it one to how comfy I am and I actually stay in the same spot all night. I don;t toss and turn all night long like I used to.  Jodie

Just wanted to let you know I received my Chiari pillow, and have been sleeping on it.  I love it!  It's a great pillow, and I soooo appreciate it.  Thanks!! Julie

Hi, I would like to thank Ann for sending my pillow so promtly, it is
heaven. I have told a few people about it since it arrived and find the
best way of describing the comfort is like sleeping on a fluffy cloud.
The best nights sleep I've had in 5yrs.
Thanks again,

Kez UK

I know what you are talking about with pillows going all flat and lumpy. It drives me up the wall that it happens and, that it can happen so darn fast.
I can’t even begin to tell you just how much money I’ve spent in the past on ‘pillows gone bad’
I have had my chiari pillow for at least 5-6 months and it has not gotten all flat and lumpy. I’ve even washed it (spilled something on it) and it still has the same support, feel etc. that it had when I first got it.


Just wanted to let you know that I finally had time to open up my pillow & put in the additional fill about 2 weeks ago. It is totally great now. I can push it around to a good height for being on my side and for other positioning as well. Yea! Thank you!!! Kriss

I opened the box, and remembered someone else's comment of "What?"  I would have thought it was a bad joke had I not read what others said about this pillow.  I've slept on it for at least a week now, and I LOVE it.  I would never have guessed from looking and feeling it that it would be so good. Lillian

From: Pamela Barley [mailto:slvrcld2@comcast.net]
Ann, I had purchased a $120.00 down feather pillow about 20 years ago, and I could squish it into any travel bag…..I was *having separation anxiety* from my squish able pillow…..LOL

I NEVER leave home without my favorite pillow and blanket……now, my favorite pillow is the *Chiari* pillow:-)!