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In addition to the Specialty Pillows we offer, we also recommend these fine products, specially beneficial to the Chiari Community to help relieve painful symptoms of Chiari:

My friend Glenda, "LA Texan", (another valued WACMA member) has a way of making a Big Texas impact to relieve your suffering with her unique and helpful Painfreezer™ Wraps: Scarves for the ladies, and Ascots for the men ~ "hands free" cold packs and hot packs to help with your special "Pains in the Neck".  Painfreezer™ Pillow Cases are an ideal match for your Chiari Pillow™.  Check out her unique design at:


Each night, I am blessed to sleep on a Custom Pink Flamingo Flannel Pillow Case with the unique Painfreezer™ design.  It is a gift I truly treasure.  I also highly recommend the Painfreezer™ Wrap.  I have a pink bandana-style scarf of my very own.  The special Velcro pouch allows for insertion of a hot or cold pack, whatever is going to work for you, depending on if you have a headache, or simply want to relieve the stress of sore muscles..use it hot or cold and you can even use your own custom mix of rice to heat up or aromatherapy...they're awesome!

Dog Lovers!!!  Painfreezer Dog Wraps™ are also available for your dog's comfort.

This is my Abby, modeling my pink Painfreezer™.  See Chenda in her "I'm NOT a DOG!!!" photo on Glenda's site.

Abby and Norma are my two black lab mixes...their names were inspired by the           "Abby Normal" brain in the movie "Young Frankenstein".

Ask about our Dalmatian Pillow Cases for your Chiari Kid Pillow™!!!  ann@MedPillow.com