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Chiari Kid Pillow, Chiari Kid Deluxe and Chiari Kid Companion with Painfreezer™ Pillow Case (visit www.mybrainworks.net)  

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All of my Mom's kids have Chiari.  For all you Moms who have Chiari Kids, we have a little something that we believe will help your Chiari Kid feel better!  A Chiari Kid Pillow™!!

As you know, The Chiari Pillow™ was designed especially for Chiarians by Dr. B and Chip, so you know it has a lot of "good engineering" behind it.  The Chiari Pillow™ gets rave reviews by the WACMA "testers" and Chiarians who use them every day.  So you can "rest easy"...if you have tried one :-)...that YOUR Chiari Kid will love it too!

We have Chiari Kid Pillows™ especially for your little angel:

One is a 17" X 17" Chiari Kid Pillow™, "Standard" with a single seam all around.  The other choice for your Chiari Kid is The "Deluxe" Chiari Kid Pillow™.  It is a 17" x 20" pillow with a 2" seam, or "gusset" around it for a little more flexibility.  The Chiari Kid Pillows ™ have specially reinforced stitching to last through the many years your Chiari Kid will be able to benefit from it.  It has the same Snow White cover: 100% cotton, high quality, 200 thread count fabric, as The Chiari Pillow™. 

Best of all, it has the same Heavenly Soft™ open cell foam fill on the inside.  The special flexibility of a Chiari Kid Pillow™ will cradle your Chiari Kid in comfort. Even if your child can't talk, you will know it helps.  You're a Chiari Mom and you know your Chiari Kid better than anyone.

Don't worry about your Chiari Kid and special needs like allergies or sensitivities to stuff.  The Chiari Kid Pillows™ are non-allergenic, anti-microbial and they keep the yucky stuff out.  After all, our Chiari Kids don't need another reason to be sick.  Here's the great part, the whole pillow is washable, toss it in the washer and dryer and you're "good to go!".  Give it that very special fluffing up that only a Mom can do, and lay your Chiari Kid down on a soft, comfortable and huggable Chiari Kid Pillow™!  Won't you rest easier, too?

My Chiari Mom, my Chiari Brothers and my very own Chiari Kid sleeps on a Chiari Pillow™.  I want YOUR Chiari Kid to have that same comfort and benefit.  I think it could be one of the "special somethings" that they will remember when they're old, like us :-).  Bless you, Chiari Kids!!

Chiari Kid Pillow 17 x 17 (like a regular pillow but with Heavenly Soft foam)  For kids under 75 lbs.

Chiari Kid Deluxe 17 X 20 ("Chiari Style" with a 2" Seam) For kids under 125 lbs.

          ***Chiari Kid Pillow (17 X 17) with Companion Painfreezer™ Pillow Case***