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We had such great success with certain features of our Chiari Pillow™ that it just made sense to offer them to women who are suffering with Menopause Symptoms.  Do you have the dreaded "Night Sweats"?  Achy?  Feel fatigued and depressed?  Can't sleep well?  Spending a lot of time with a crummy pillow????   We have an answer for YOU!

It’s really **cooling** for those who have temperature issues (or for those who may "perspire a bit" while sleeping) or for those who just wake up a lot during the night…perhaps simply because they’re “too hot” from those dreaded hot flashes. 

We added special Fire Rating protection, just in case your hot flashes get out of hand!!!  The natural 100% cotton ticking and the Heavenly Soft™ foam fill allows air circulation within the pillow for your sleeping comfort. 

You stay cool, so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably through your next "hot flash"...without leaving a permanent mark on the world!

We will be happy to custom make your Menopause Pillow for you. Click to shop: Menopause Pillow