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We, again, had such great feedback about The Chiari Pillow™ that we think we can provide you with one of the softest, nicest pillows you've ever had, while still providing enough support for your spine and neck.  A custom Fibromyalgia Pillow has a 100% Comfort Guarantee. 

We start with high quality 200 thread count, 100% cotton ticking “Snow White” outside and special blend of medically approved open cell Heavenly Soft™ foam fill on the inside.

For a Heavenly Soft Foam™ Pillow:   Fibromyalgia Pillow

The Fibromyalgia Pillow is size 17 X 26, and so very soft to help soothe the ever-present pain associated with fibromyalgia.  If you have Fibromyalgia, you may be spending more time with your pillow than most people.  We think you should LOVE your pillow.  Why be using your current pillow for that many hours every single day if it isn't really helping you? 

With the documented success of  The Chiari Pillow™, we felt obligated to share our success with Fibromyalgia sufferers that were continuing to experience pain and fatigue, depression, headaches, and the like.  We know that we have something for them, as well, because our customers tell us that they find help and relief in the special qualities of our pillows.  They report getting a better sleep, being more comfortable and other pretty amazing results. Now our Fibromyalgia customers are telling us of their similar experiences....they LOVE LOVE LOVE their pillows.  We pray that when you try a Fibromyalgia Pillow, it will allow you to have a Heavenly Soft™ sleep so you can feel the healing effects of a comfortable and restful sleep that is so important to feeling well.