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                                              Pain in the Neck Pillow

                               (In other words:  "The Chip Special")

Aptly named after my "little" brother, The Pain in the Neck Pillow™ is "The Chip Special!"

The Chip Special is a Chiari Pillow with a part of the neck cut-out.  If you want some comfort after a tough surgery, something you can take home with you that will comfort you all the way and is great for travel, this is it!  Or next time you want to get in a good pillow fight with one of your siblings, think "Chip Special".......even more intriguing might be the Pain in the Neck - Modified Pillow.  If you have had a long Chiari journey and need a break, this is the ticket.  Perhaps you are embarking cross country for a big date with Dr. B or simply going for a lovely follow up with your PCP, the "Chip Special" can take it...and You can take it.....anywhere.