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                                             Home of Chip's Chiari Pillow™.                                                          We offer the World's finest Medical Pillows!

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                                        This site is possible because of Chip Vierow.                                               I hereby dedicate it to all the fantastic memories we shared                                       and to his philosophy and mission.  With Love, BS

                               "Always Think Positive and Never Lose Your Sense of Humor."                                                                 "Think Bigger."                                                                                                      "Help  More People."

                                                               Chip Vierow                                                                             09/02/60 to 11/06/08

                         The link below: "Find Your Wings" by Mark Harris.   (On Godtube)                                       May you feel inspired by Chip and these words:


"I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams, and that faith gives you the courage...to dare to do great things!  I'm here for you whatever this life brings...so let my love give you roots, and help you find YOUR wings."

"May passion be the wind that leads you through your days, and may conviction keep you strong, guide you on your way.  May there be many moments that make your life so sweet. Oh, but more than memories..."

"I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams, and that faith gives you the courage...to dare to do great things!  I'm here for you whatever this life brings...so let my love give you roots, and help you find YOUR wings."

"It's not living if you don't reach for the sky
I'll have tears as you take off
But I'll CHEER as you fly!!!!!!!!!"

                                                                   A Tribute to Chip:

Peace!          Chip

                                                                           "Peace!"       Chip 


                                                  ~ ~ ~   "Sleep in Heavenly Peace"    ~ ~ ~


Chip's Chiari Pillow™ has helped so many of you over the last year and a half.  Thank you for all your support and feedback!  It has been a privilege to assist you on your journeys.  I will positively move forward, greeting each day with a grateful spirit, helping more people, and loving my brothers and sisters all around the world.  Bless You.  Thank you, Chip for all you have given me.                                  Ann Hood, Chiari Crusader           MedPillow.com


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~~~~~~~~~~CHIP'S "PAIN IN THE NECK"™ SURGERY SPECIAL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Chip's Surgery Combo Special ~ especially for those who will soon become Zipperheads!  You get (1) Chip's Pain in the Neck™ Pillow ~ Modified Version (highly recommended for upcoming surgical patients) along with (1) Zipperhead Chiari Pillow™ to assist you in your recovery process.  A fantastic idea for a gift for your loved one who is soon to have surgery, or simply for your own comfort and benefit, especially while you are spending a LOT more time with your pillow during your recovery.  We absolutely believe that you will love, love, love your Chiari Pillow™ a lot more than the pillow that the hospital has available for you and that you will particulary appreciate the Heavenly Soft qualities and design of the Chiari Pillow™ at this important time.  Besides the special modifications for after surgery comfort, Chip's Pain in the Neck™ Pillows are great for travel and will help cushion and comfort you in the car, on trips to the doctor or at any time!



     ~~~CHIARI PINS ARE HERE!.......Promote Chiari Awareness!~~~

Thank you so much, Wendi, for making these possible!    Josh and Haydee, we feel your spirits within our hearts and we continue the mission of spreading Chiari Awareness.

To order a Chiari Pin: Cost is $ 15.00  plus shipping $ 4.80** for a Total of $ 19.80 **shipping of $ 4.80 applies to an order of 1-5 Chiari Pins.  Chiari Pins are sent priority mail.

Send your name and delivery address by mail to:        

Raychester of Socorro, Inc.  Attn:  Chiari Pins  PO Box 1306  Socorro, NM   87801                                                                                

Paypal to raychest@raychester.com   (verify your delivery address on Paypal)

Credit Card by Phone:    1-800-335-2454 (Raychester Company)

Credit Card by Fax:  1-575-835-3882 (Raychester Company)


*****************************   THE ZIPPERHEAD CLUB !     *************************************

The Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillow™ ~ For Individual Comfort (Specially for Chiarians) ~ 

We support you ALL the times...in good times and in bad times, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, The Zipperhead™ is flexible and lovingly soft and supportive at ALL times.  You've earned this.  You can now ADJUST your Chiari Pillow™ to suit your mood.  Simply zip it open and add more fill in the daytime, less fill for traveling, medium fill for a long, restful night of comfort and sweet dreams await you as you rest your head on the Heavenly Soft cloud of foam.  The Zipperhead™ is supportive in the manner in which you are accustomed...You have control! (Imagine!)

           "Cuddle up with a Zipperhead™, and you've made a friend for life."                                                      (Includes one Extra Fill "on the side")

                                  ORDER A ZIPPERHEAD™ NOW!

************* ZIPPERHEADS HELP "NORMAL" PEOPLE!!!!!  **********************************

According to our latest feedback, Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillows™ aren't just for Zipperheads!  Although the Zipperhead™ Pillow is made for Chiarians, they are also effective for helping more people get a better sleep in general.  "Normal" people report that they are in love with the Heavenly Soft feel of the Chiari Pillow™ and are secretly ordering a Zipperhead™ or an Original Chiari Pillow™ for themselves. 


People that have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia appreciate the softer feel of our special Heavenly Soft Foam Pillows and for hot flashes or night sweats, the cooling effect of the Chiari Pillow™ is awesome!  For you spouses who "swiped" your partner's Chiari Pillow™ and didn't give it back, thanks for your contribution to the knowledge that the benefits of the Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillow™ are even more than we were hoping for because they are helping even more people feel better and get a better sleep.  We hope that you would be generous and donate a pillow to someone who could benefit from it through our donation program (donate any amount towards a pillow by selecting "Donation" and adding it to your cart).  You can also feel good about recommending the Zipperhead™ to a friend or loved one.  With our 100% Comfort Satisfaction policy, anyone can sleep on a Heavenly Soft Chiari Pillow™ and experience the same Sweet Dreams as many of our customers who are having the best sleep they have had in years! 


                  Click Here to Order a Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillow™


******Latest News for Chiari Kids***!!

Chiari Kid Pillows™ are now available!  Attention, Chiari Moms!!  We want to make your child's Chiari journey more comfortable, if we possibly can.  It is our mission.  Unlike "some people", we LISTEN to you when you say you want to do "anything you can" to ease their suffering.  We want to help you do just that. 

Chiari Kids touch our hearts, we want to touch their lives.

                   Click Here to view the Chiari Kid Pillows

****Check the special on the Chiari Kid Pillow with Painfreezer™ Companion Pillow Case!

                       **Home of the Zipperhead Chiari Pillow™ ~ Exclusive Offer**

Our own creation, available only through MedPillow.com or ChiariPillow.com or WACMA.com.  The Chiari Pillow™ that supports the World. 

                            "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE My Chiari Pillow™!"

Today, we are pleased to provide you with information regarding our finest Medical Specialty Pillow, and it is a unique offering called The Chiari Pillow™.  It's unique design makes it a perfect match for Chiarians, since it was designed by Dr. B and Chip specifically to help those with Chiari. 


"What is Chiari?" you may ask.  My family all has a genetic brain condition called Arnold Chiari Malformation, ACM1, or Chiari.  I like to call it "Big Brain Syndrome" as the cerebellar tonsils are too large and herniate into the spinal column.  There is another theory that the skull is actually a little too small for the brains.  We like the "Big Brain" theory a lot better and we're going with that.

You can find out more about Chiari on www.wacma.com (the World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association website).

As a result of our working with other "Chiarians" and "Zipperheads" (those who have gone through brain surgery and have earned the esteemed title) on our support group website and hearing of other's needs, the idea was born for The Chiari Pillow™.  In addition to our information and support, we now have something to offer that is something tangible.  You can touch it and feel it and hug it and, well, sleep on it, and it helps you feel better!  After twelve years of hearing about the suffering of Chiari patients, it is so amazing to be able to offer support and comfort in an actual physical product.  The Chiari Pillow™ passes all the tests!  Chiari patients called it a "heavenly pillow" that they take with them wherever they go.  What better testimony can there be for a pillow?  It is our own little miracle.

"Average" people spend about a third of their lives sleeping or at rest.  Imagine how much more beneficial The Chiari Pillow™ is to those who have health obstacles and spend a lot more of their valuable time with their pillows.  I couldn't be more pleased that The Chiari Pillow ™ helps people feel better in several ways and it has exceeded my expectations. 

The Chiari Pillow™ truly satisfies our desire to make a positive difference in people's lives.  That's what we're really all about.

Chip Vierow, Dr. B (a World Class Chiari Neurosurgeon), a wonderful group of our WACMA members (our ace testers), and the pillow manufacturing experts all cooperatively designed, created, tested and produced this "really cool" pillow.  The Chiari Pillow™ does have some real beneficial cooling attributes. That's cool.  It has a great price and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer* that exceeds the competition.  That's cool.  My own "little" brother developed it. That's practically unbelievable!  It helps people feel good...that's really VERY cool!

We look forward to offering more great products like The Chiari Pillow™ . 

You can contact us at our e-mail addresses:

ann@MedPillow.com OR  sandi@MedPillow.com 

We are the Customer Service Team and we want to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions about our great pillows.  Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help!  We know that you will be satisfied completely with your purchase.  In fact, we have a 100% Comfort Guarantee!

(To order The Chiari Pillow™, or any other of our Specialty Medical Pillows, go to the product menu on the left for more details or direct to our new online store!) 

Thanks again for visiting MedPillow.com! 

Ann Hood


Chiari Crusader

*Manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

You can reach me at 1-310-527-4360  Torrance, CA      (Los Angeles area)