A picture of the human brain in an x-ray.

A Medical Pillow Designed for Chiari Malformation

Welcome to the story behind our revolutionary Chiari Pillow™.

The inception of this groundbreaking product is a result of a collaborative partnership between esteemed neurosurgeons, dedicated Chiari experts, and active members of the World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association (WACMA).

Together, we have transformed the idea of the Chiari Pillow™ from a mere vision to a tangible product, designed specifically to assist those dealing with Chiari and Chiari-related conditions.

Our mission at MedPillow.com is to aid in alleviating the discomfort associated with Chiari malformations, and we are committed to this cause.

We are confident that our Chiari Pillow™, backed by overwhelmingly positive feedback from users worldwide, will provide you with the relief you seek. We have a daily active presence on our website, offering support and encouragement to fellow Chiarians.

However, the true testament to our dedication lies in the Chiari Pillow™ itself, a product forged by research, experience, and an unwavering commitment to our mission.